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Peninsula Property Management specializes in single family rentals and our large administrative staff enables us to handle numerous properties and provide worry free management for you.

For property owners, we offer cost effective, hassle-free management of your property.

At Peninsula Property Management, we offer a full complement of residential property management services. Whether you're a property owner, investor, or absentee owner, worry-free management of your property is our promise to you!

Property Management Services

Peninsula Property Management can take the hassle out of managing your rental property. Find out how!

The PenPM Advantage

Find out the Top 5 Reasons why Peninsula Property Management is your number one choice for property management.

FREE Property Assessment

Incorrectly assessing the value of your rental property is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Here's how to obtain a professional assessment for free!

Advertising Your Rental Property

Advertising your rental property is the first step to finding a good tenant. Find out how our advertising techniques can find a tenant for your property quickly and painlessly.

Finding the Right Tenant

One of the most important steps in renting your property is finding the right tenant. Learn how we assess and screen prospective tenants to help ensure a hassle-free ownership experience.

Owners Links and Resources

Useful links and resources for rental property owners and investors.

Property Management Services

Discover the details of Property Management Services here.

The PenPM Advantage

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why Peninsula Property Management is your number one choice for property management:

  1. Absolutely no up-front fees.
    With years of experience in property management, we can literally guarantee results! And to prove it, we don't ask for a penny in advance. All advertising, and other associated costs are included at no cost to you. In other words, if we don't rent your property, you owe us nothing!
  2. Our business is 100% Property Management.
    Unlike the majority of our competitors, whose main business is property sales, we dedicate 100% of our resources to managing your rental property. We don't list or sell property, nor do we do commercial or strata property management. Residential Property Management is our expertise and our sole focus is on solving your vacancy problems.
  3. We are experts in absentee and out-of-province owner management.
    With clients as far away as Asia, Europe and Africa, we have established ourselves as the leader in providing management services to clients residing outside the province.
  4. Customized services available to accommodate special needs.
    Not all clients' needs are alike. That's why we can provide customized services to fit your individual needs. Services like direct deposit of your monthly disbursement check, paying strata fees or property taxes and having an online owner portal. The services available are endless.
  5. We're based in your neighbourhood. We are a local company using local tradespeople. You need someone who can keep an eye on your investment and use affordable trades people to maintain your property - no expensive call out fees.

FREE Property Assessment

Incorrectly assessing the value of your rental property is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. An incorrect assessment can mean lost revenues or a vacant property. Fortunately, obtaining a professional property assessment is easy! Simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you with a complimentary Rental Property Assessment. We promise that any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Advertising Your Rental Property

Understanding the basics of real estate investing is the key to a successful property investment. Before moving ahead with any real estate investment, it’s important to recognize that purchasing an investment property is different than purchasing your own home as there are many decisions that will determine long-term success and your ability to obtain the financial rewards.

Here are some tips to help you understand the fundamental basics of real estate property investment:

  1. Define Your investment strategy
    There are several possible investment strategies to help you determine how to get the best return from your investment and achieve your investment goals. It is important for you to define your property investment goals and decide if you want to increase the value of your property over time or if you want to generate a steady rental income and increased cash flow.
  2. Determine what makes a good property investment
    There are various forms of property investment such as apartments, condominiums, duplexes, bungalows, commercial properties and vacant land. Before purchasing an investment property identify some properties, research geographic areas and conduct a rental income return on investment analysis. Do your research and make sure you understand that different types of property investments carry different returns and risks.
  3. Know the difference between flipping and investing
    Flipping a property can produce a lump sum of money but it is considered a short-term strategy with higher risk. When you rehab and flip a house you need to purchase it below market value. It can be difficult to find the right property that is below value, which could involve plenty of time, work and money to manage. Investing means purchasing an income producing property for longer-term gain that can generate a cash flow regularly and consistently for you. The level of risk in holding a property over time is low in comparison to flipping a property.
  4. Location and neighborhood
    Location is the key to a successful real estate investment as the location of a property can drastically affect its market value. To locate the right neighborhood for investment make sure you do your research and become familiar with the area of where you intend to purchase the property. Choose an area that is close to public transportation, shops, schools, parks and beaches. Look for areas that are going through development, which can impact the value of your investment property and ensures that you are buying in an area that has rental appeal.
  5. Know your financing options
    One of the most important things to learn is your financing options when investing in a property. Be aware of your budget and how much money you can spend. You should make sure that your credit is in order and you can qualify for an investment property loan, especially if you do not want to tie up your own money.
  6. Seek professional advice
    While investment properties can help you build wealth, there are some potential downsides that a professional property management company such as HPPM can minimize for you. Among other helpful services, we can prepare a rental income return on investment, pre-qualify tenants, regularly inspect the property to ensure proper maintenance is being performed and field any tenant inquiries. Our skilled tradespeople will ensure that the integrity of your property is being retained.

Finding the Right Tenant

One of the most important steps in renting your property is finding the right tenant. The right tenant will save you countless potential headaches, and can be the difference between loss and profitability!

At Peninsula Property Management, we provide comprehensive screening of all prospective tenants. This includes the use of pre-rental applications and reference checks, which include a credit check, as well as business and personal references, including references from former neighbors. A professional rental/lease agreement is also part of the package, and this agreement is fully reviewed with the tenants. We also review the tenant's insurance.

We have a two page questionnaire that must be completed. Often we visit a prospective tenant to observe the condition of their current residence. We have attended courses sponsored by the RCMP to aid us in screening potential tenants.

After our investigation we consult with the owner before making any agreements with the tenants. Our comprehensive screening process includes:
  • Employment verification
  • Credit checks with Credit Bureau
  • Past rental history
  • Personal references

After a prospective tenant has been screened and approved, we meet with the tenant for to turn over the property. This provides us with an opportunity to review any concerns unique to the property. We follow up and report to the owner the outcome of each showing.

Let us take the headache out of managing your rental property! Finding tenants is just one of the many things that we do to make your ownership experience as painless and as profitable as possible. Contact us to find out more!