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Terms of Use

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All the information and contents posted on this web site are the property of Peninsula Property Management (HPPM), and are protected by Canadian and foreign copyright laws. By accessing this web site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This web site and its contents may not be copied or distributed in any manner without the prior written consent of HPPM, with the following exception: you may copy up to 10 words or paraphrase an article provided that you attribute the material to HPPM, and provide a link to this web site.

  2. HPPM makes no representations or warranties with respect to this web site, its contents or the manuscript, which are provided for use "as is" and are without warranty of any kind.

  3. The properties described in this site represent some of the local properties available for rent. The information is from sources deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed and should be verified.

  4. Portions of this web site may publish reader and client comments and opinion. This web site does not assume or have any responsibility or any liability for these comments or opinions.

Privacy Statement

Peninsula Property Management (HPPM) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of you as a user of this web site. We do not collect personal information about you except for information that you voluntarily provide. We may set cookies from time to time to help us gauge our readership level. No personal information is gathered via these cookies.

Any personal information that we do gather is treated confidentially. We consider the following to be personal information: your name, address, phone number, date of birth, job, personal interests, credit card information, your e-mail address and data about the pages you visited on this web site.

If you have questions about our privacy or legal policies, please contact us.